Butterflies in Puerto Princesa’s Garden

Puerto Princesa Butterfly Garden

butterfly gardenPalawan is blessed with a sanctuary of different genus of butterfly. The butterfly garden located in Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa is filled with beautiful butterflies in their natural habitat with lots of plants and flowers where butterflies can frolic onto. It was established to promote the preservation of butterflies and teach visitors, especially children, on their important role in ecology. The beauty of the place is an attraction to travelers, and thus helps make more people aware of the need to protect these creatures.

Upon entering the place, visitors are taken to a room to watch a short film on the life cycle of butterflies. Afterwards, a walk-in crate will take them to the garden filled with flowering plants, shrubs and trees. Aside from fully-grown butterflies, one can also see pupae and cocoons. They may be a bit hard to notice so one has to look closely. The butterflies seem oblivious of the visitors as they fly from one flower to another. Some may even land on people’s noses!

Palawan butterfly garden

Inside, there is also a bench and small lagoon that adds a romantic and serene appeal to the place. And for those who want to buy pasalubong, a small store near the exit awaits those who wish to buy unique souvenir products and house decors.

The façade is very simple but when you’re inside, it’s like you’re taken away to a fairytale like place and can make you forget the real world for a while.

Best viewing times are in the morning because the butterflies take shelter from the scorching sun in the afternoon. It’s a good feeling when you walk along with your friends in the garden while discovering the different species of butterflies. And it is even more romantic when you go with your loved ones.

The garden is a ‘flora and fauna’ where you can find wonderful sights such as colorful flowers, amazing butterflies and other relaxing views.

Butterfly at Butterfly Garden


This views of fluttering butterflies would satisfy your vision and even your passion. An hour trip in a beautiful garden like this is surely worth it and feel like there are really butterflies in your stomach!







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