Melville Lighthouse – Balabac, Palawan

The Melville Lighthouse was built a century ago to guide sailors as they traverse the waters around Palawan. This historic landmark acted as a guide for seafarers and warned vessels to stay away from the sharp rocks and reefs that surround Balabac Island. It has been in service since the Philippines was under Spanish rule and has since been retired. A solar powered lighthouse has taken over the duties of this historic lighthouse. The tower is in good condition despite its age since a caretaker has been hired to safeguard [Read more…]

Cuyo Fort – Cuyo, Palawan

The historic Cuyo Fort is located in Gapusan Beach. This impressive structure is actually a fortified church and features a place of worship on side and a convent on the opposite side. The Spanish authorities added a bell tower on one of the corners or bastions of the fort in 1827. Renovations over the years have transformed this ancient fort into its present state.

Tourists enjoy a visit to the Cuyo Fort in Gapusan Beach because it provides a view of the majestic architecture that defined the [Read more…]