Crocodile Farm


            Crocodile Farm serves as the highlight of Puerto Princesa, Palawan though some might find it scary. A tour here not only brings joy and wonder to everyone but also quite educational. For only Php 20, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about crocodiles and other animals there once you visit this farm.

This farm is for breeding crocodiles for commercial purposes. There’s this news about a crocodile that swallowed a young girl playing in a swamp area nearby that even made the people more afraid of them.

We are aware that we get some of our leather products from crocodiles’ skin and for that, they are a big help. Some adventurers and food lovers also eat crocodile meat and there is a restaurant there in Puerto Princesa that offers this kind of dish, the popular Kinabuch restaurant.

The farm also has its hatchery where the baby crocodiles are born and then the old ones are being kept. Visitors witness how they are being feed and they can try it afterwards.

The farm also gives chance to the visitors to take pictures with the baby crocodiles inside the farm for souvernirs and they enjoy it a lot especially children guests.

The tour is only for hatchery and the small dens; the other larger crocodiles are in the area which guests are not permitted to visit. Aside from crocodiles, the farm has also a zoo that features other animals in Palawan.

Such a nice place in Palawan to go into, isn’t it? Try it with your family but take extra cautious!


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