Honda Bay

Honda Bay Palawan or “The Last Frontier” is one of the country’s most loved tourists’ destinations. It had been also known to be one of the best dive spots and one of the most exclusive resorts here in the country. The resort is possessing white sand beaches, superb landscape, fishing spots and rainforests that nature lover and adventurer will surely adore.

                        The bay contains several islets with shallow reefs neighboring breathtaking beaches which turned out to be the swimming, diving and snorkeling destinations of both local residents and tourists. Cowrie and Bat are the best distinguished among the many islands of Honda Bay. Snake Island is the other one, with its curvaceous tongue shape that of a snake and with a white sand beach renowned for its large and attractive shells. Some other interesting islands on the bay are Canon, Pandan, Starfish,Lu-Ii Island (came from the word “lulubog-lilitaw”, which means floating and sinking island, is only visible during low tide seasons. There is also Señorita Island and Meara Marina.

                   Starfish Island, with very well white sand beaches, crystal clear water and coral reefs that loaded with starfish. Arreceffi Island has this luxury Dos Palmos Beach Resort and you can have your overnight stays in the islands of Meara Marina and Starfish or Sandbar Resort.

                 Enjoy Island hopping at Honda Bay. Choose from the dozens of white sands beaches there in the island and try diving to explore the rich marine life underwater. To experience all these, come to Honda Bay, the islands there are waiting for you!


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