Palawan, A Seafood Haven

Palawan is blessed with its wonderful seas, no doubt that there are abundant and various kinds of seafoods there.

Your tour in Palawan is not complete without visiting their markets, especially the Puerto Princesa public market and taking a glance to different kinds of seafoods that you’ll surely love to taste. The seafoods there are undeniably fresh plus the fact that they can sell them to you at a very affordable price. Seafoods like prawns, blue marlin, lamayo, tuna, crabs, lobsters, dried tahong, dried squid and tangigue are low-priced compared to those in Metro Manila.

Different restaurants in Palawan offer seafoods dishes that attract many of their tourists.

Kalui Restaurant- the most famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa and a recommended place to tourists.

Aside from their delicious seafood recipes, they also provide the best service one would surely love; friendly and accommodating staffs, good and relaxing ambience and their unique way of letting their customers enter their restaurant barefoot.

Jambalaya Restaurant- located at Port Barton, their specialty are gumbo (a New Orleans dish), fresh home baked bread, cornflakes with fruit, milkshakes and imported coffee are  also included on the menu. They also have board games for those who want to play after eating.

Badjao Seafront Restaurant- also in Puerto Princesa, the restaurant settled over the water at the end of  a raised boardwalk over mangroves is considered high class in terms of service and table settings, but the view of the mountain and the sea make it above the  others.

Balay Tubay- located in El Nido, Palawan, is designed with bamboo instead of brass and mirrors.Customers enjoy the live music every night. Grilled and sizzling seafood along with burgers, pizza and pasta are being served any time of the day.

Squido’s Restaurant- also in El Nido, Palawan, its widescreen TV is never turned off with a screening of  Holywood action movies and music videos to entertain the customers while eating or waiting for their food. They serve the best dishes in El Nido particularly stuffed squid,baked mussels, T-bone steak and chicken goulash.

Bamboo House Restaurant- also in Port Barton, a restaurant perfect for the whole family with picnic tables and few small nipa huts in the yard. Fish curry and shrimp sinigang are undeniably good here.

We all love to eat, and tasting different kinds of delicious delicacies is always included in our list whenever we’re having our vacation or tour to different places, As for Palawan, they are possessing different kinds of seafoodss and trying them would be a great satisfaction to your stay there.:)



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