The Good and the Odd ‘Tamilok’



How adventurous are you? Are you with those extreme and death-defying activities? Well, let’s see if you’re not just great with those activities but also one who never back out with any challenge dared, especially when it comes to an odd as well as very good kind of food.

Try the famous delicacy in Palawan, the Tamilok. It is a worm-like but actually a mollusk (same group as squid and octopus), found in rotten trees around the mangroves. It is translucent, quite slimy and really tastes like an oyster (talaba).

Just never mind the looks, and surely, you’ll enjoy eating this famous delicacy.  Eat it fresh and raw, by just dunking in a bowl of vinegar laced with other spices.


Tamilok in PalawanIf you’re a first-timer, seeing a bunch of intertwined slimy grayish worms won’t really boost up your appetite. Courage to eat this type of dish does not come with a fork. Eating tamilok just requires your picking out a fat strand of this wood worm. Swallowing the tamilok is a tough challenge. It will stick to your esophagus like an extra slippery and long oyster.

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” is seems like don’t judge the tamilok by its looks. Dare to taste it, and surely, you’ll never regret it. And maybe, you will ask for more tamilok to eat.

This delicacy is becoming more popular with both foreign and local tourists that would definitely put Palawan on the map making it one of the hottest tourist spots in the country.



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