Try Sailing in Palawan!

          Since you want to explore Palawan, try sailing in their wide and magnificent seas that will surely rock you! If you are an adventurer and you are not afraid on trying things like this, this sport is perfect for you . Through this, you’ll witness how blessed Palawan is in aquatic resources. There are tour operators throughout Palawan who arrange guided sailing tours to the aquatic parts of the town. Honda Bay is one good recommended place to try sailing for it acquires multiple islets and wonderful crystal-clear seas. Palawan contains protected marine environments so before trying, you have to make sure that you have a permit and you follow some guidelines because some places there may require you one.

            To have an enjoyable sailing, make sure to hire a knowledgeable guide throughout your expedition in Palawan that could deal with its local government rules.

Happy sailing! 🙂


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