Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary

urusla islandPalawan has always been known not just for its beaches but also for its forests. Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is a tourist destination located near the municipality of Brooke’s Point in southern part of Palawan that features seedlings and saplings which are commonly present at lowland forests. At the place, you can find trails that will lead you to the wells. Also, for the comfort of the guests, you will find nipa huts where you can sit and relax. This natural attraction served as a haven of different birds, at the same time, fishermen can also catch different species of fish.

Bird SanctuaryThe best time to go to Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is 2 hours before sun sets since this is the time that almost all species of birds that can be found in the Philippines culminate after a tiring day of flight. This sanctuary was established because of dwindling numbers of endangered bird species. Its purpose is to help those creatures once again increase in numbers as well as to provide them a home where they will be safe and protected from hunters. This tourist spot has also a beach and like the other beaches in Palawan, it has fine white sand and turquoise sea where tourists can go swimming while waiting for the views of amazing birds before sunset. Even if the beach is not as developed as other ones in Palawan, we’ll assure that it is very clean.

And of course, after knowing this spot, for sure you want to know how to get there. So here it is:

Ursula Island is found in Rio, Tuba Village in Bataraza. Bataraza is just less than 250 kilometers from the capital city of Palawan, Puerto Princesa. The Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is accessible from Puerto Princesa and all you need to do is to take an about 6 hours jeepney ride to Bataraza. And since Ursula Island is a smaller island in Palawan, you need to take a pumpboat ride to get there, which is an additional 2 hours trip. Although it is a very long distance to travel to get to Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary, it is 100% sure that all you will see and discover there is worth the trip, the time and the effort!




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